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Nashik (February 2020)






Stall Size
Stall Name Stall Size
A 3mtr X 2mtr
B 2mtr X 2mtr
C 2.5mtr X 2mtr

Note : Rentals includes Service tax

Each stall includes
  • 3 Spot Lights.
  • 2 Chairs.
  • Fascia.
  • 1 Plug Point.
  • 1 Dust Bin.
  • Two Lunch and Morning - Evening Tea, Coffee, Cookies per day.

Any Additional Accessories (Garment Stand, Glass shelf, Jewellery table, extra spot light, Halogen etc.) would be charged extra...

Terms & Conditions of payment
  • Get your name highlighted by doing full payment at the time of booking in the " SPECIAL ATTRACTION STANDEE" in all our print ads.
  • If else
  • 50% at the time of booking. Balance 15 days before the exhibitions..

To know the rentals, kindly contact on +91 92096 00200 & e-mail id

About Nashik

  • Identified as a tier 2 metro.
  • Fastest growing city in Maharashtra and prospered the most in the past 20 years.
  • 3rd most Industrialized City of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune.
  • Known as Wine capital of India.

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