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Why Fashionista ?

Why Fashionista ?

  • 1st company to enter Tier II metros (B cities), now a market leader in Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibitions.

  • Played a significant role in revolutionizing the Fashion Exhibition Industry.

  • We bring a large contingent of renowned designers, entrepreneurs and exhibitors from all over India.

  • Over the years FASHIONISTA has built reputation & credibility.Once Fashionista announces an exhibition, it never gets cancelled or shifted which reflects our undeterred commitment.

  • Promotions starts 30 days before the exhibition.

  • A successful brand in Tier II cities

  • Fashionista has always concentrated on the rich business oriented Tier II cities where the target customers are from the upper middle class & elite section of the society.

  • One of its kind to organize events only in 3-5 star hotels.

  • Our exhibition is a platform to reach out to a customer base of 5000-7000+ in 3 Days flat.

  • Fashionista exhibitions have special mindshare with aspirational, trendsetting consumers.

  • Market Perception of Fashionista is of premier segment in the minds of the people of B cities.

  • Fashionista allows you to reach your target market in 3Days flat. Every potential customer will get to know about your products.

  • Fashionista creates awareness of your brand to the target audience as well as smooth entry in unexplored territy.

  • Be exposed to a large, relevant group of potential customers before & during the Exhibition.

  • Associating with Fashionista will benefit the designer in developing closer & better relationship with customers as Fashionista has been in these cities over the years.

  • Fashionista conducts exhibitions at regular intervals in these cities (2 to 3 to 4 times in one year) and has earned credibility and respect which eventually passes onto the exhibitors.

  • Our exhibitions have received tremendous response from different parts of the country due to great media support.

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