Anyone and everyone from the Fashion & Lifestyle industry can be a part of this exhibition. 

Please contact the Sales Representative or Sales Manager on 858585816.

It varies depending on the booth size. Normally, the stall sizes we have are of 3m x 2m, 2.5m x 2m and 2m x 2m. Stalls can be single side open, 2 side open and 3 side open, depending on which stall number one wishes to book. If you would like to know the cost estimation, please feel free to contact the concerned team on 8585857816.

The rental includes:

  • Taxes (GST).
  • Fabricated Stall with fascia name.
  • 1 Octanorm table, 2 chairs, 2- 3 spotlights, 1 plug point, 1 dustbin.
  • 2 lunch coupons per stall.
  • AM- PM tea/coffee.

Yes the accessories are to be charged separately and have to be paid directly to the fabricator on the venue. However, order to be placed with the booking executive with whom you have booked the stall.

Extra Octanorm Table, Garment stands (Long, Single, Double), Glass shelves, Wooden shelves, extra Spotlights, Halogen, White Lights, etc. Priced very reasonable which our executive shall inform while booking the stall.

Yes, it can be done depending on the availability of the area which can be further confirmed by the sales team on 8585857816

The booth setup needs to be done by the Exhibitors themselves. On the opening day of the exhibition at 8 am.

Yes, it can be done in no less than 15 days before the exhibition begins.

You can make the payment either by:

  • Direct Cash Deposit in Fashionista Bank Accounts
  • Through NEFT/RTGS in the account of Fashionista, which shall be provided on request
  • Through online payment gateway on Fashionista website
  • Demand Draft which can be drawn in favor of “Fashionista” payable at Mumbai.

For any query please contact the concerned team on 8585857816.

Yes, at an additional cost. Let us know what you need us to do and we’ll get you a quote. It ranges from Rs.1200 to 1500 per promoter per day.

No, for health and safety reasons you’re not allowed to expand beyond your stand area. A penalty would be charged if you fail to follow this rule.

Don’t panic. All you need to do is follow the error messages shown online and if the issue continues, contact our service center team on 8585857816.

We help you with the concessional rates at the venue-hotel. We also provide you the list and contact numbers of other hotels nearby to the venue of various price ranges where you can book directly.

No, we can only help you with the details. Rest everything has to be managed by the exhibitor as per their preferences and budget.

We can help you with the transporter’s contact details, who can help you in transporting the products from your city to the venue city. However, the responsibility shall be of the exhibitor only.

Products can be sent 1 day before the exhibition after 2 pm at the venue. For more information, you can contact our floor managing team on 9619704917.

  • Reach us on 8585857816 or register yourself with us on link and we will get in touch with you.
  • Communicate with our sales team and select the best stall for your product.
  • Make at least 50% of the payment at the time of booking.
  • Stall booking shall be deemed as completed, only after FULL PAYMENT is received 20 days before the commencement of the exhibition.
  • Once the stall is booked, all the details of the exhibition will be forwarded to the exhibitor.
  • The stall booking contract will also be forwarded and it is mandatory for the Exhibitor to send an Acceptance & Acknowledgment. If no
    acceptance of the confirmation is received within 3 days of receipt, it will be deemed as accepted by the exhibitor.
  • Make the full payment and get highlighted in the special attraction standee.
  • In the rental, we provide Fabricated Stall with fascia name, 1 octanorm table, 2chairs,  2-3 spotlights, 1plug point, and 1 dustbin
  • Any additional requirements like Garment stand, Glass shelf, Jewellery Table, extra spotlight, Halogen, etc can be fulfilled at an extra cost.
  • You need to send your product by courier to the venue city or you can also hand-carry your products for the exhibition.
  • We can provide you the list and contact numbers of hotels nearby to the venue of various price ranges where you can book directly.
  • We can provide you with the logistics support if possible from our end.
  • Finally, come for the exhibition – sell your products – succeed – be happy – and participate with us again in our upcoming exhibitions.

Yes, but restricted only in your booth area.

Exhibitors can access the venue at 8 am on an opening day. For other days of the exhibition, exhibitors can come at 10 am to open the stall.

You can ask this at the time of booking the stall. Stalls which are 2 sides or 3 sides open are charged an additional amount. You can directly contact our team on 8585857816 and confirm the same. On the floor plan, the open sides are indicated as dotted lines.

If the full payment is made for 3 consecutive shows then the exhibitor gets a discount of 5% and If the full payment is made for 6 consecutive shows then the exhibitor gets a discount of 10%. One can also become a member of our loyalty program, for more information kindly contact the concerned team on 8585857816.